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Parts I-IV LAMSON, eet ( JUN 22 1954 EDITED BY \


Honorary Editorial Secretary



Issued as a complete volume, August 17, 1951


Part I*


OFFICERS FOR 1950- 1951



AWwaRpbs, ETc. :



OspiTruARY NOTICES a oe a

Art. I.—Presidential aasese By Harley Wood.

The Work of the Society Astronomy in Australia

Art. II.—Dalton- Songs Area, N. S.W., Barth Teter & Nios 1949. By Gi F. Jokhik

Art. IIT. Bp atisdians Gomplores: of miner Hors Part TE The ene tion of Botasaiard Chloropalladite II with o-Methyl yee Benzoic Acid. By 8S. E. Livingstone, R. A. Plowman and J. Sorensen er ee mit = ae ae

ArT. IV.—Nitrogen in Oil Shale and Shale Oil. XII. The Volumetric Determination of Basic Nitrogen in Shale Oils. By Geo. E. Mapstone

ArT. V.—Nitrogen in Oil Shale and Shale Oil. XIII. An Aussie Method for Determining ea eee. in Oil Shale and Similar Materials. By Geo. E. Mapstone

Art. VI.—Studies in the Cheney of Plats Gomplaren. Bare II. Sone Properties of Tetrammine Platinum II Fluorides. By R. A. Plowman.

Art VII.—Studies in the Chemistry of Platinum Complexes. Poe ath Guidanon of the Tetrammine Platinum II Fluorides. By R. A. Plowman an a

Art. VIII.—Occultations Observed at Byeney era ke es Se 1949. By Wie EE: Robertson .

Art. I[X.—The Geology of the Gangaandia piste N. 8. W. Bart me The Gannaen Cowra-Woodstock Area. By N. C. Stevens

ArT. X.—The Five Properties Concerned in the Transport of tie heres (ortodant Agent. By R. C. L. Bosworth

Art. XI.—The Mechanism of the Fischer Tadole Synthesis, By Pe H. Gore G. K. Hughes and E. Ritchie

Art. XII.—The Permian Rocks of fe > Manning Macleay 1 Broce) New: South. Wales. By A. H. Voisey ae 7

Part Il;

Art. XIII.—The Chemistry of Osmium. Part IV. The Preparation and Resolution of the Tris 0,Phenanthroline Osmium IT Ion. re BB be N. A. Gibson and HC. Gyarfas ae

ArT. XIV.—On the Grading Me Dine ore near Chstiontieh New South Wales. By D. 8. Simonett

ArT. XV.—The Ghenseeny of unin: Part V; The Reioe Peteneinls of ne Tris 2: 2’-Dipyridyl Osmium IT/ITI and the Tris 0,Phenanthroline Osmium eae ee By F. P. Dwyer, N. A. Gibson and E. C. Gyarfas

ArT. XVI.—The Chemistry of Osmium. Part VI. The Use of ae oO, Phenkntheobns Aurea II Perchlorate as an Internal Redox Indicator. By F. P. eh and

. A. Gibson af a,

en! ae —The Besontial Oil of Boeken crentieet (De oni ee Be iv R. Pentold

and F. R. Morrison

ArT. XVIII.—Heard Island. Gaoeranke ana Glenielens By N ne Pape

* Published February 7, 1951. } Published February 21, 1951.

87 92


Part III*

Art. XIX.—Rank Variation in the Central Eastern Coalfields of New South Wales. By J. A. Dulhunty, Nora Hinder and Ruth Penrose ay :

ArT. XX.—Studies in the Chemistry of Platinum Complexes. Part IV. Oxidation of Ions of the Tetrammine Platinum II meas with a oe Peroxide. By S. E. Livingstone and R. A. Plowman .. ae sa

Art. XXI.—Coordination Compounds of Copper. Part II. Compounds Derived from Copper (I) Iodide. By C. M. Harris a a a ve a

Art. XXII.—The Chemistry of Osmium. Part VII. The Bromo and Chloro Pentammine Osmium III Series. By F. P. Dwyer and J. W. Hogarth

Art. XXIIT.—The Chemistry of Iridium. Part V. The Oxidation of Iridium III Salt Solutions. By F. P. Dwyer and E. C. Gyarfas

Art. XXIV.—Physical perc aaa on weirs sai of pam By L. E. Maley ape

Art. XXV.—Tables for Nearly Parabolic Elliptic Motion. By Harley Wood Art. XXVI.—Tables for Hyperbolic Motion. By Harley Wood | Arr. XXVII.—An Occurrence of eae Structure in New South Wales. By T. G.


Part IV;

Art. XXVIII.—Liversidge Research Lecture. Energy Transactions in Homeothermic Animals. By Hedley R. Marston : ms a Si ae ae fe

Art. XXIX.—Halogenostannates (IV) of Some sas ae Cations. mati J. R. Anderson, S. E. Livingstone and R. A. Plowman : sis she bus

Arr. XXX.—Palladium Complexes. Part II. Bridged Compounds of Palladium with o-Methylmercaptobenzoic Acid. By 8. E. Livingstone and R. A. Plowman. .

ArT. XXXI.—The Chemistry of Osmium. Part VIII. A Note on the Wea of Ammonium Hexachlorosmate IV. By F. P. Dwyer and J. W. Hogarth

ArT. XXXII.—The Essential Oils of Zierta Smithit (Andrews) and its Various Forms. Part II. By F. R. Morrison, A. R. Penfold and Sir John Simonsen

Index to Volume LXXXIV

* Published May 30, 1951. + Published August 17, 1951.











a te ie FOR aad (INCORPORATED 1881)

PART I (pp. i-xxvii, 1-67, Plates I and II) sag a \s aS OF { s A Bee ue eo VOL. LXXXIV ; SAE aie

_ Containing List of Members, Report of Council, Balance Shigek: _ Obituary Notices and Papers read in April and May, 1950.


4 , '

Beg in. ic th bn Gog (O BRITED (BY

BS et ida A. BROWNE, D.Sc.


i a } _ Honorary Editorial Secretary

; -

f : | > : 3 ay Pein ~ F TER,





Part I Page TiItLE Pacer ie, ie cK t Be: ot aah fa p, a eh i- OFFICERS FoR 1950-1951 wt oe ait a ys Ne ie fe eee NoricEs io a ay ep i: ae ys La ny i » oa iv List oF MEMBERS - we Siew aes Pep oN Ye ie Ae run ee v- AWARDS, ETc. ay hs Me a % ee at oe ae oe oi 5 a REPORT OF THE COUNCIL f eS af i s ie a a oe BALANCE SHEET .. He zs se ee i i Ke a a <a OxsituaRy NOTICES fi fs hi. tl i wis is ag ane eh | ah "ie Art. I.—Presidential Address. By Harley Wood. The Work of the Society .. ¥ : ae: a ai an ae 1 Astronomy in Australia ya is ua ey ha A a oe 3 Art. II.—Dalton- omnes a? N.S.W., Earth Tremors of March, oe. By G. F, Joklik .. ; : oe eee: "| Art, II1.—Palladium doksse ae of Thioethers. Part I. The Reaction of Potassium Chloropalladite II with o-Methyl es Benzoic Acid. a S.. E. : R. A. Plowman and J. Sorensen wary, S29 Art. [V.—Nitrogen in Oil Shale and Shale Oil. XII. The Volumetric Determination of Basic Nitrogen in Shale Oils. By Geo. E. Mapstone oe a oe 4 ao Ant, V.—Nitrogen in Oil Shale and Shale Oil. XIII. An Approximate Method for Determining Pyridine Nitrogen in Oil Shale and Similar Materials. By Geo. E. _Mapstone Ai ee i. ey “s re es a Ht EE ~. syat Art. VI.—Studies in the Chemistry of Platmum Complexes. Part II. Some Preneie of Tetrammine Platinum II Fluorides. By R. A. Plowman. : 38 Art, VII.—Studies in the Chemistry of Platinum Complexes. Part III. Oxidation of the Tetrammine Platinum II Fluorides. By R. A. Plowman .. 41 Arr. VIII.—Occultations Observed at Bs ei eee aE 1949. By W. H. Robertson a rae Apa 8 Art. [X.—The Geology of the Canowindra District, N.S.W. Part II. The Canowindra- Cowra-Woodstock Area. By N. C. Stevens —.. She 46 Art. X.—The Five Properties Concerned in the Transport of the Active Corrodant Agent. By R. C. L. Bosworth .. oe SS bi 56 <2 cc ee i," ArT. XI.—The Mechanism of the Fischer Indole haraips By P, A: hae G. K. ; Hughes and E. Ritchie o 09

Art. XII.—The Permian Rocks of the le Macleay Pes New South Wales. By, A. H. Voisey: 2. ; 64








——$—$$———— —__—___——


Part I


Ida A. BROWNE, D.Sc.

Honorary Editorial Secretary




A | JUN 27 1951

> 4 iw) j a o - . i r 5 u ham a i . LI - a id / i ( y . Od ¥ ! Hh ¥ * 1 : s . d , . ; i \ i * . rely \ i : i, t . te - * r Cn if om: y ; ¥ 4 " y pe } 4



batt ay

Royal Society of New South Wales OFFICERS FOR 1950-1951



President : F. R. MORRISON, 4.4.¢.1., F.C.S.

Vice-Presidents :

R. O. CHALMERS, 4.s.17.c. | D. J. K. OCONNELL, S.J., M.Sc., F.R.A.S. H. O. FLETCHER. | H. W. WOOD, M.sc., A.Inst.P., F.R.A.S.

Honorary Secretaries :

R. C. L. BOSWORTH, m.sc., D.se. (Adel.), | IDA A. BROWNE, D.sc. Ph.D. (Camb.), ¥F.A.C.1., F.Inst.P. |

Honorary Treasurer : C. J. MAGEE, D.sc.agr. (Syd.), M.sc. (Wis.).

Members of Council:

K. E. BULLEN, m.a., B.Sc. (N.Z.), M.A. C. St. J. MULHOLLAND, B.sc. (Melb.), Ph.D., Sc.D. (Camb.), F.R.S. P. M. ROUNTREE, m.sc. (Melb.),

H. B. CARTER, B.v.sc. Dip.Bact. (London).

H. A. J. DONEGAN, 4A.8.7.c., A.A.C.1. W. B. SMITH-WHITE, m.a. (Cantabd.),

G. K. HUGHES, B.sc. B.Sc. (Syd.).

R. J. W. Le FEVRE, D.Sc., Ph.D., F.R.1.C. N. R. WYNDHAM, o.p., m.s. (Syd.),

C. E. MARSHALL, Ph.D., D.Sc. F.R.C.S. (Hng.), F.R.A.C.S.



Tur Roya Society of New South Wales originated in 1821 as the “‘ Philosophical Society of Australasia ’’; after an interval of inactivity, it was resuscitated in 1850, under the name of the ‘‘ Australian Philosophical Society ’’, by which title it was known until 1856, when the name was changed to the Philosophical Society of New South Wales ’”’ ; in 1866, by the sanction of Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria, it assumed its present title, and was incorporated by Act of the Parliament of New South Wales in 1881.


Particulars regarding the preparation of manuscripts of papers for publication in the Society’s Journal are to be found in the Guide to Authors’, which is obtainable on appli- cation to the Honorary Secretaries of the Society.


fd) he yur ath the sum of £ to the Royvat Society oF NEw SoutH WALEs, Incorporated by Act of the Parliament of New South Wales in 1881, and I declare that the receipt of the Treasurer for the time being of the said Corporation shall be an effectual discharge for the said Bequest, which I direct to be paid within calendar months after my decease, without any reduction whatsoever, whether on account of Legacy Duty thereon or otherwise, out of such part of my estate as may be lawfully applied for that purpose.

[Those persons who feel disposed to benefit the Royal Society of New South Wales by Legacies are recommended to instruct their Solicitors to adopt the above Form of Bequest. ]

The volumes of the Journal and Proceedings may be obtained at the Society’s Rooms, Science House, Gloucester Street, Sydney.

Volumes XI to LIII (that is to 1919) at 12/6 each - 1D Agee. LXVIII (1920 to 1934) ,, 25/- ,, 3 LXX 5, “Ee Xext (1936 to’ 1948)" o2b)-= © 9 LXXXIII onwards » 30/- "

Volumes I to X (to 1876) and Volume LXIX (1935) are out of print. Reprints of papers are available.



Royal Society of New Sonth Wales

as at April 1, 1950

P Members who have contributed papers which have been published in the Society’s Journal. The numerals indicate the number of such contributions.

{ Life Members.


1944 1938

1935 1898 1941 1948 1948



1935 1949 1924 1934 1937 1949 1946

1919 1947

1933 1926 1940 1937

1916 1920

1939 1948

1946 1933

P32 2 1

Bal 2 y 2

i eel |



P 29

Adamson, Colin Lachlan, Chemist, 36 McLaren-street, North Sydney.

tAlbert, Adrien, D.sc., Ph.D. Lond., B.Sc. Syd., A.R.1.C. Gt. B., Professor of Medical

Chemistry, The Australian National University, 183 Euston-road, London N.W.1. tAlbert, Michael Francois, *‘ boomerang,” Billyard-avenue, Elizabeth Bay. tAlexander, Frank Lee, Surveyor, 5 Bennett-street, Neutral Bay. tAlldis, Victor le Roy, 1.8., Registered Surveyor, Box 57, Orange, N.S.W.

Anderson, Geoffrey William, Bsc., 37 Elizabeth-street, Allawah.

Andrews, Paul Burke, Department of Geology, University of Sydney; p.r. 5 Conway-avenue, Rose Bay.

Aston, Ronald Leslie, B.sc., B.E.. Syd., M.Sc., Ph.D. Camb., A.M.1.E. Aust., Lecturer in Civil Engineering and Surveying in the University of Sydney; p.r. 24 Redmyre-road, Strathfield. (President, 1948.)

Aurousseau, Marcel, B.sc., 16 Woodland-street, Balgowlah.

Back, Catherine Dorothy Jean, m.sc., The Women’s College, Newtown.

Backhouse, James Roy, m.sc. Syd., Lecturer, Sydney Technical College ; p.r. Fowler-avenue, Bexley North.

Bailey, Victor Albert, M.A., D.Phil., F.Inst.p., Professor of Experimental Physics in the University of Sydney.

Baker, Stanley Charles, m.sc., A.mnst.P., Head Teacher of Physics, Newcastle Technical College, Tighe’s Hill; p.r. 8 Hewison-street, Tighe’s Hill, N.S.W.

| Baldick, Kenric James, B.sc., 19 Beaconsfield-parade, Lindfield.

Ball, Reginald Arthur, Industrial Chemist, 25 George-street, Sydney.

Barclay, Gordon Alfred, Chemistry Department, Sydney Technical College, Harris Street, Ultimo, N.S.W.; p.r. 78 Alt Street, Ashfield.

Bardsley, John Ralph, 76 Wright’s-road, Drummoyne.

Beckmann, Peter, a.s.v.c., Lecturer in Chemistry, Technical College, Wol- longong.

Bedwell, Arthur Johnson, Eucalyptus Oil Merchant, ‘“ Kama,’ 10 Darling Point-road, Edgecliff.

Bentivoglio, Sydney Ernest, B.Sc.agr., 42 Telegraph-road, Pymble.

Betty, Robert Cecil, 67 Imperial-avenue, Bondi.

Birch, Arthur John, M.sc., D.Phil. Ovon., The University Chemical Laboratory, Cambridge, England.

Birrell, Septimus, 17 Appian Way, Burwood.

Bishop, Eldred George, Manufacturing and General Engineer, 37-45 Myrtle- street, Chippendale; p.r. 264 Wolseley-road, Mosman.

Blake, George Gascoigne, M.I.E.E., F.Inst.P., ‘‘ Holmleigh,’’ Cecil-avenue, Pennant Hills.

Blanks, Fred Roy., B.se. (Hons.), Industrial Chemist, 12 Culworth-avenue, Killara.

Blaschke, Ernst Herbert, 6 Ilistron Flats, 63 Carrabella-street, Kirribilli.

Bolliger, Adolph, ph.p., F.A.c.1., Director of Research, Gordon Craig Urological Research Laboratory, Department of Surgery, University of Sydney. (President, 1945.)



1920 P 9 | Booth, Edgar Harold, M.c., D.sc., F.Inst.p., “‘ Hills and Dales,’’ Mittagong. (President, 1935.)

1939 P 24 Bosworth, Richard Charles Leslie, m.sc., p.sc. Adel., Ph.p. Camb., F.A.C.1., F.Inst.P., c.o. C.S.R. Co. Ltd., Pyrmont; p.r. 41 Spencer-road, Killara.

1948 Boyd, Eric Harold, B.A., B.Sc., Dip.Ed., F.P.S., The King’s School, Parramatta. 1948 Boyd, Joan, B.Sc. Hons. Lond., Dip.zd. Lond., The King’s School, Parramatta. 1938 Breckenridge, Marion, B.sc., Department of Geology, The University of Sydney ;

p-r. 19 Handley-avenue, Thornleigh,

1949 1h oy Brewer, Roy, B.Sc. Syd., Research Officer, Division of Soils, C.S.I.R.O.; p.r. Block 1, Section 56, O’Connor, Canberra, A.C.T.

1946 Pel Breyer, Bruno, M.D., Ph.D., M.A., F.A.C.1., Lecturer in Agricultural Chemistry, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Sydney, Sydney.

1919 Piel Briggs, George Henry, D.Sc., Ph.D., F.Inst.P., Officer-in-Charge, Section of Physics, National Standards Laboratory of Australia, University Grounds, Sydney; p.r. 13 Findlay-avenue, Roseville.

1942 Brown, Desmond J., M.se. (Syd.), Ph.D. (Lond.), D.1.c., Department of Medical Chemistry, Australian National University, 183 Euston-road, London, N.W.1.

1945 Brown, Norma Dorothy (Mrs.), B.sc., Biochemist, 2 Macauley-street, Leich- hardt.

1941 Brown, Samuel Raymond, A.c.a. Aust., 87 Ashley-street, Chatswood.

1935 Bd Browne, Ida Alison,p.sc.,Senior Lecturer in Paleontology, University of Sydney. 1913 P 23 |{Browne, William Rowan, D.sc., Reader in Geology, University of Sydney. (President, 1932.)

1947 Buchanan, Gregory Stewart, B.Sc. (Hons.), Lecturer in Physical Chemistry, Sydney Technical College ; p.r. 19 Ferguson-avenue, Thornleigh.

1940 Buckley, Lindsay Arthur, B.sc., 29 Abingdon-road, Roseville.

1946 Bullen, Keith Edward, M.A., B.sc. N.Z., M.A. Melb., Ph.D., Sc.D. Camb., F.R.S., Professor of Applied Mathematics, University of Sydney, Sydney, N.S.W.

1898 {Burfitt, W. Fitzmaurice, B.A., M.B., Ch.M., B.Sc. Syd., F.R.A.C.S., ““ Radstoke,”’ Elizabeth Bay.

1926 Burkitt, Arthur Neville St. George, M.B.; B.sc., Professor of Anatomy in the

University of Sydney.

1938 P 2 |tCarey, Samuel Warren, D.Sc., Professor of Geology, University of Tasmania,


1948 Carroll, Dorothy, B.A., B.Sc., Ph.D., D.1.c., Secretary, Linnean Society of New South Wales, Science House, 157 Gloucester-street, Sydney.

1903 P 5 |t{Carslaw, Horatio Scott, Sc.D., LL.D., F.R.S.E., Emeritus Professor of Mathe-

matics, University of Sydney, Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge ; Burradoo, N.S.W.

1945 Carter, Harold Burnell, B.v.sc., Officer-in-Charge, Wool Biology Laboratory, 17 Randle-street, Sydney.

1944 Cavill, George William Kenneth, m.sc., c/o Department of Organic Chemistry, The University, Liverpool, Great Britain.

1913 P 4 |}{Challinor, Richard Westman, F.R.I.C., A.A.C.1., A.S.T.C., F.c.S.; p.r. 54 Drum- albyn-road, Bellevue Hill. (President, 1933.)

1933 Chalmers, Robert Oliver, A.s.T.c., Australian Museum, College Street, Sydney.

1940 Chambers, Maxwell Clark, B.sc., c/o Coty (England) Ltd., 35-41 Hutchinson-

street, Moore Park; p.r. 58 Spencer-road, Killara. 1913 P 21 |tCheel, Edwin, 40 Queen-street, Ashfield. (President, 1931.) 1935 1a 74 Churchward, John Gordon, B.Sc.Agr., Ph.D., 1 Hunter-street, Woolwich.

1935 Clark, Sir Reginald Marcus, K.B.E., Central Square, Sydney.

1938 Clune, Francis Patrick, Author and Accountant, 15 Prince’s-avenue, Vaucluse.

1941 Cohen, Max Charles, B.sc., 80 ‘‘ St. James,”’ Stanley-street, Sydney.

1940 Cohen, Samuel Bernard, M.sc., A.A.c.1., 74 Boundary-street, Roseville.

1940 Je 4 Cole, Edward Ritchie, B.sc., 7 Wolsten-avenue, Turramurra.

1940 Po Cole, Joyce Marie, B.Sc., 7 Wolsten-avenue, Turramurra.

1948 Cole, Leslie Arthur, Company Executive, 21 Carlisle-street, Rose Bay.

1940 Collett, Gordon, B.sc., 27 Rogers-avenue, Haberfield.

1948 Cook, Cyril Lloyd, m.sc., 176 Ben Boyd-road, Neutral Bay.

1946 Cook, Rodney Thomas, A.s.T.c., 10 Riverview-road, Fairfield.

1920 Cooke, Frederick, c/o Meggitt’s Limited, Asbestos House, York and Barrack- streets, Sydney.

1945 Coombes, Arthur Roylance, A.s.T.c. (chem.), 14 Georges River-road, Croydon.

1913 P 5 |tCoombs, F. A., F.c.s., Instructor of Leather Dressing and Tanning, Sydney Technical College ; p.r. Bannerman-crescent, Rosebery.

Elected. 1933 1940 1919

1909 1941 1921


1940 1919 1906 1913 1928

1947 1948

1943 1937

1948 1924


1945 1949 1934


1940 1944 1908 1935 1949


1940 1940 1933

1949 1949

1932 1905 1940 1943 1940

1944 1945


1 Pl


3 P 14 P 49 Py 2 Pt Pez

Corbett, Robert Lorimer, Scot Chambers, Hosking-place, Sydney.

Cortis-Jones, Beverly, M.sc., 62 William-street, Roseville.

Cotton, Frank Stanley, D.sc., Research Professor in Physiology in the University of Sydney.

{Cotton, Leo Arthur, M.A., D.Sc., 113 Queen’s Parade East, Newport Beach. (President, 1929.)

Craig, David Parker, ph.D., Chemistry Department, University College, Gower- street, London, W.C.1., England.

{Cresswick, John Arthur, A.A.C.1., F.c.Ss., Production Superintendent and Chief Chemist, c/o The Metropolitan Meat Industry Commissioner, State Abattoir and Meat Works, Homebush Bay; p.r. 101 Villiers-street., Rockdale.

Cymerman, John, Ph.D., D.I.C., A.R.C.S., B.Sc., A.R.I.C., Lecturer in Organic Chemistry, University of Sydney.

Dadour, Anthony, B.sc., 25 Elizabeth-street, Waterloo.

de Beuzeville, Wilfred Alex. Watt, 3.p., ‘‘ Mélamere,’’ Welham-street, Beecroft.

{Dixson, Sir William, *‘ Merridong,’’ Gordon-road, Killara.

{Doherty, William M., F.R.1.c., F.A.C.1., 36 George-street, Marrickville.

Donegan, Henry Arthur James, A.S.T.c., A.A.c.1., Analyst, Department of Mines, Sydney ; p.r. 18 Hillview-street, Sans Souci.

Downes, Alan Marchant, B.sc. (Hons.), Grandview-avenue, Croydon, Victoria.

Doyle, Shirley Kathleen, B.sc., Microbiologist to H. Jones & Co.; p.r. 74 Duntroon-avenue, Roseville. .

Dudgeon, William, Manager, Commonwealth Drug Co., 50-54 Kippax-street, Sydney.

Dulhunty, John Allan, D.sc., Geology Department, University of Sydney ; p.r. 40 Manning-road, Double Bay. (President, 1947.)

Dunlop, Bruce Thomas, B.sc., Schoolteacher, 77 Stanhope-road, Killara.

Dupain, George Zephirin, a.A.c.1., F.c.s., Director Dupain Institute of Physical Education and Medical Gymnastics, Manning Building, 449 Pitt-street, Sydney; p.r. “Rose Bank,’ 158 Parramatta-road, Ashfield.

Dwyer, Francis P. J., p.sc., Lecturer in Chemistry, University of Sydney, Sydney.

Eade, Ronald Arthur, B.sc., 21 Steward-street, Leichhardt.

Eisinger, Erich, 1ng.”’ Austria, 24 Cooper-street, Double Bay.

Elkin, Adolphus Peter, M.a., Ph.D., Professor of Anthropology in the University of Sydney. (President, 1940.)

Ellison, Dorothy Jean, M.Sc. (Hons.) N.Z., Science Teacher, Abbotsleigh, Wahroonga; p.r. 51 Tryon-road, Lindfield.

Emmerton, Henry James, B.Sc., 1 Rosedale-road, Gordon.

Erhart, John Charles, Chemical Engineer, c/o “Ciba” Coy., Basle, Switzerland.

tEsdaile, Edward William, 42 Hunter-street, Sydney.

Evans, Silvanus Gladstone, a.1.a.a. Lond., A.R.A.1.A., 6 Major-street, Coogee.

Everingham, Richard, 3 The Bastion, Castlecrag.

{Fawsitt, Charles Edward, D.sc., Ph.p., ¥F.A.c.1., Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, 144 Darling Point-road, Edgecliff. (President, 1919.)

Finch, Franklin Charles, B.sc., Kirby-street, Rydalmere, N.S.W.

Fisher, Robert, B.sc., 3 Sackville-street, Maroubra.

Fletcher, Harold Oswald, Palzontologist, Australian Museum, College-street, Sydney.

Flinter, Basil Harold, 75 Elizabeth Bay-road, Elizabeth Bay.

Follett, Frank William, Managing Director, Adastra Airways Pty. Ltd. ; p.r. 74 Hopetoun-avenue, Vaucluse.

Forman, Kenn. P., M.1.Refr.E., Box 1822, G.P.O., Sydney.

{tFoy, Mark, c/o Geo. O. Bennett, 133 Pitt-street, Sydney.

Franki, Robert James Anning, B.sc., 891 New South Head-road, Rose Bay.

Frederick, Robert Desider Louis, B.E., 1540 High-street, Malvern, Victoria.

Freney, Martin Raphael, B.sc., Central Wool Testing House, 17 Randle-street, Sydney.

Friend, James Alan, 16 Kelburn-road, Roseville.

Furst, Hellmut Friedrich, B.p.s. (Syd.), p.M.p. (Hamburg), Dental Surgeon, 158 Bellevue-road, Bellevue Hill.



1948 1935 1939 1926

1942 1947 1947 1940 1948

1945 1947

1949 1936 1949 1948 1938 1946



1934 1892

1949 1940 1905 1936 1934 1948 1949 1946 1934 1919 1945 1938 1936 1928

1948 1916


bg bg we bo

Gardiner, Edward Carson, Electrical Engineer in Charge of Construction at the Captain Cook Graving Dock, for the Department of Works and Housing ; p-r. 39 Spencer-street, Rose Bay.

Garretty, Michael Duhan, D.sc., 477 St. Kilda-road, Melbourne, §.C.2, Victoria.

Gascoigne, Robert Mortimer, Chemistry Department, University of Liverpool, England.

Gibson, Alexander James, M.E., M.Inst.C.E., M.I.E.Aust., Consulting Engineer, 906 Culwulla Chambers, 67 Castlereagh-street, Sydney ; p.r. ‘‘ Wirruna,”’ Belmore-avenue, Wollstonecraft.

Gibson, Neville Allan, M.Sc., A.R.1.c., Industrial Chemist, 217 Parramatta-road, Haberfield.

Gill, Naida Sugden (Miss), B.sc., 45 Neville-street, Marrickville.

tGill, Stuart Frederic, School Teacher, 45 Neville-street, Marrickville.

Gillis, Richard Galvin, Senior Lecturer, Organic Chemistry, Melbourne Technical College ; p.r. 4 Tennyson-avenue, Caulfield, S.E.7, Victoria.

Glasson, Kenneth Roderick, B.sc., Geologist, Lake George Mines Ltd., Captain’s Flat, N.S.W.

Goddard, Roy Hamilton, F.c.a. Aust., Royal Exchange, Bridge-street, Sydney.

Goldsworthy, Neil Ernest, m.B., ch.m. Syd., Ph.D., D.T.M. & H. Camb., D.T.M. & H. Eing., D.P.H. Camb., 65 Roseville-avenue, Roseville.

Gordon, William Fraser, B.Sc. Syd., Industrial Chemist ; p.r. 176 Avoca-street, Randwick.

Goulston, Edna Maude, B.sSc., 83 Birriga-road, Bellevue Hill.

Gover, Alfred Terence, M.com., 32 Benelong-road, Cremorne.

Gray, Charles Alexander Menzies, B.Sc., B.E., 75 Woniora-road, Hurstville.

Griffiths, Edward L., B.Sc., A.A.C.I., A.R.1.C., Chief Chemist, Department of Agriculture ; p.r. 151 Wollongong-road, Arncliffe.

Gutmann, Felix, Ph.D., F.Inst.P., M.1.R.E., N.S.W. University of Technology, Broadway, Sydney. ;

Gyarfas, Eleonora Clara, m.sc. Budapest, Research Assistant, University of Sydney; p.r. 53 Simpson-street, Bondi.

Hall, Lennard Robert, B.sc., Geological Survey, Department of Mines, Bridge- street, Sydney.

Hall, Norman Frederick Blake, m.sc., Chemist, 154 Wharf-road, Longueville.

tHalloran, Henry Ferdinand, L.s., A.M.I.E.Aust., F.S.I.Eng., M.T.P.1.Eng., 153 Elizabeth-street, Sydney ; p.r. 23 March-street, Bellevue Hill.

Hampton, Edward John William, 4.s.T.c.; p.r. 1 Hunter Street, Waratah, N.S.W.

Hanlon, Frederick Noel, B.sc., Geologist, Department of Mines, Sydney.

{Harker, George, D.Sc., F.A.C.I.; p.r. 89 Homebush-road, Strathfield.

Harper, Arthur Frederick Alan, M.sc., A.Inst.P., National Standards Laboratory, University Grounds, City- road, Chippendale.

Harrington, Herbert Richard, Teacher of Physics and Electrical Engineering, Technical College, Harris-street, Ultimo.

Harris, Clive Melville, A.s.T.c., Demonstrator, Chemistry Department, Sydney Technical College; p.r. 12 Livingstone-road, Lidcombe.

Harris, Henry Maxwell, B.sc., B.E., Assistant Engineer, W.C. & I.C., 25 Prospect- road, Summer Hill.

Harrison, Ernest John Jasper, B.sc., Geologist, N.S.W. Geological Survey,

Department of Mines, Sydney.

Hayes, William Lyall, a.s.T.c., A.A.c.I., Works Chemist, c.o. Wm. Cooper & Nephews (Aust.) Ltd., Phillip-street, Concord; p.r. 34 Nicholson-street, Chatswood.

Henriques, Frederick Lester, 208 Clarence-street, Sydney.

Higgs, Alan Charles, Manager, Asbestos Products Pty. Ltd.; p.r. corner Bungaloe-avenue and New-street, Balgowlah.

Hill, Dorothy, m.sc. Q’ld., Ph.p. Cantab., Geological Research Fellow, University of Queensland, Brisbane.

Hirst, Edward Eugene, a.M.1.E., Vice-Chairman and Joint Managing Director, British General Electric Co. Ltd.; p.r. “‘ Springmead,”’ Ingleburn.

Hirst, George Walter Cansdell, B.sc., A. MALE. (Aust.), ‘‘ St. Cloud,”’ Beaconsfield- road, Chatswood.

Hogarth, Julius William, 8 Jeanneret-avenue, Hunter’s Hill.

Hoggan, Henry James, A.M.1.M.E. Lond., A.M.1.E. Aust., Consulting and Designing Engineer, 81] Frederick- street. Rockdale.

Howard, Harold Theodore Clyde, B.sc., Principal, Technical College, Granville.



1938 Pe Hughes, Gordon Kingsley, B.sc., Department of Chemistry, University of Sydney, Sydney.

1947 Py ih Humpoletz, Justin Ernst, B.sc. Syd., 21 Belgium-avenue, Roseville.

1923 P 3 (|ftHynes, Harold John, pD.Sc., B.Sc.Agr., Biologist, Department of Agriculture, Box 36a, G.P.O., Sydney ; p.r. Belbooree,’’ 10 Wandella-avenue, Rose- ville.

1943 Iredale, Thomas, D.Sc., F.R.I.c., Chemistry Department, University of Sydney, p-r. 96 Roseville-avenue, Roseville.

1942 P il Jaeger, John Conrad, M.A., D.sc., University of Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania.

1909 P 15 Johnston, Thomas Harvey, M.A., D.Sc., 0.M.Z.S., Professor of Zoology in the University of Adelaide. (Cor. Mem., 1912.)

1949 Joklik, Gunther F., B.Sc., c.o. Bureau of Mineral Resources, Canberra, A.C.T.

1935 P 6 | Joplin, Germaine Anne, B.sc., Ph.D., 18 Wentworth-street, Eastwood.

1948 Pil Jopling, Alan Victor, B.sc., B.E., 28 Cliff-street, Manly.

1930 Judd, William Percy, 123 Wollongong-road, Arncliffe.

1935 Kelly, Caroline Tennant (Mrs.), Dip.anth., ‘“‘ Eight Bells,” Cast Hill.

1940 Kennard, William Walter, 9 Bona Vista-avenue, Maroubra.

1924 Lea Kenny, Edward Joseph, Geological Surveyor, Department of Mines, Sydney ; p.r. 17 Alma-street, Ashfield.

1934 Kerslake, Richmond, A.Ss.T.c., A.A.c.I., Industrial Chemist, 29 Nundah-street, Lane Cove.

1948 Kimble, Frank Oswald, Engineer, 16 Evelyn-avenue, Concord.

1943 Kimble, Jean Annie, B.sc., Research Chemist, 383 Marrickville-road, Marrick- ville.

1920 Kirchner, William John, B.se., A.A.c.1., Manufacturing Chemist, c/o Messrs.

Burroughs Wellcome & Co. (Australia) Ltd., Victoria-street, Waterloo ; p.r. 18 Lyne-road, Cheltenham.

1948 Knight, Oscar Le Maistre, B.z. Syd., A.M.1.C.E., A.M.1.E.Aust., Engineer, 10 Mildura-street, Killara. 1948 Koch, Leo E., ph.p., D.se. (Cologne), Department of Geology, The University

of Sydney; p.r. 39 Bond-street, Mosman.

1939 Pt Lambeth, Arthur James, B.Sc., ‘‘ Naranje,’? Sweethaven-road, Wetherill

Park, N.S.W.

1949 Lancaster, Kelvin John, B.sc., 43 Balfour-road, Rose Bay.

1936 | Leach, Stephen Laurence, B.A., B.Sc., A.A.C.1., British Austrahan Lead Manu- facturers Pty. Ltd., Box 21, Bio. Concord:

1946 Lederer, Michael, 67 Edgecliff-road, Bondi Junction.

1947 Le Fevre, Raymond James Wood, D.Sc., Ph.D., F.R.1.c., Professor of Chemistry,

Chemistry Department, University of Sydney, Sydney.

1936 Piz Lemberg, Max Rudolph, p.phil., Institute of Medical Research, Royal North Shore Hospital, St. Leonards.

1920 Le Souef, Albert Sherbourne, 3 Silex-road, Mosman.

1929 P56 (|{Lions, Francis, B.Sc., Ph.D., A.R.1I.Cc., Reader, Department of Chemistry, Uni- versity of Sydney. (President, 1946-47.)

1942 Lippmann, Arthur 8., m.p., 175 Macquarie-street, Sydney. 1947 Lloyd, James Charles, B.Sc. Syd., N.S.W. Geological Survey, 41 Goulburn-street, Liverpool.

1940 Pescd Lockwood, William Hutton, B.Sc., c.o. Institute of Medical Research, The Royal North Shore Hospital, St. Leonards.

1906 tLoney, Charles Augustus Luxton, M.Am.soc.Refr.E., National Mutual Building, 350 George-street, Sydney.

1949 Loughnan, Frederick Charles, ‘“‘ Bodleian ’’, 26 -Kenneth-street, Longueville.

1947 Lowenbein, Gladys Olive (Mrs.), B.sc. Melb., F.R.1.c. Gt. B., A.A.c.1., Director

of Research, Australian Leather Research Association; p.r. 5 Berrima Flats, 12 Mulwarrie-avenue, Randwick.

1943 {Luber, Daphne (Mrs.), B.sc., 98 Lang-road, Centennial Park. 1945 Luber, Leonard, Pharmacist, 80 Queen-street, Woollahra. 1948 Pig Lyons, Lawrence Ernest, B.A., M.Sc., Lecturer in Chemistry, The University

of Sydney ; p.r. 13 Albert-road, Strathfield. 1942 . Lyons, Raymond Norman Matthew, m.sc., Biochemical Research Worker,

P 4

2 Po

1 Pian P 12 P 1 P 25 P 28 Pr 2 Pe

Maccoll, Allan, m.sc., Department of Chemistry, University College, Gower- street, London, W.C.1.

McCarthy, Frederick David, Curator of Anthropology, Australian Museum, Sydney; p.r. 10 Tycannah-road, Northbridge.

McCoy, William Kevin, Analytical Chemist, c/o Mr. A. J. McCoy, 39 Malvern- avenue, Merrylands.

McElroy, Clifford Turner, 147 Arden-street, Coogee.

McGregor, Gordon Howard, 4 Maple-avenue, Pennant Hills.

McInnes, Gordon Elliott, Department of Geology, The University of Sydney; p.r. 46 Laycock-street, Bexley.

tMcIntosh, Arthur Marshall, “‘ Moy Lodge,” Hill-street, Roseville.

McKenzie, Hugh Albert, B.sc., 52 Bolton-street, Guildford.

McKern, Howard Hamlet Gordon, A.S.T.C., A.A.c.1., Assistant Chemist, Museum of Technology and Applied Science, Harris-street, Ultimo ; p.r. Flat 2, 42a, Waimea-street, Burwood.

McMahon, Patrick Reginald, M.agr.sc. N.Z., Ph.D. Leeds, A.R.1.C., A.N.Z.I.C., Lecturer-in-charge, Sheep and Wool Department, Sydney Technical College, East Sydney.

McMaster, Sir Frederick Duncan, xt., “‘ Dalkeith,’’ Cassilis, N.S.W.

McNamara, Barbara Joyce (Mrs.), M.B., B.S., Yeoval, 7.W.

McPherson, John Charters, 14 Sarnar-road, Greenwich.

McRoberts, Helen May, B.sc., New England University College, Armidale.

Magee, Charles Joseph, D.sc.agr. Syd., M.Sc. Wis., Chief Biologist, Department of Agriculture; p.r. 4 Alexander-parade, Roseville.

Maley, Leo Edmund, M.sc., B.Sc. (Hons.), A.A.C.I., A.M.A.I.M.M., 116 Maitland road, Mayfield.

Malone, Edward E., 33 Windsor-road, St. Mary’s.

Mapstone, George E., M.Sc., A.A.C.I., M.Inst.Pet., Chief Chemist of National Oil Pty. Ltd., Glen Davis; p.r. 2 Anderson Square, Glen Davis, N.S.W.

Marshall, Charles Edward, Ph.D., D.sc., Professor of Geology, The University of Sydney, Sydney.

Martin, Cyril Maxwell, Chemist, 22 Wattle-street, Haberfield.

May, Albert, Ph.p., M.A., 94 Birriga-road, Bellevue Hill. '

Maze, William Harold, m.sc., Registrar, The University of Sydney, Sydney.

Meares, Harry John Devenish, Technical Librarian, Colonial Sugar Refining Co. Ltd., Box 483, G.P.O., Sydney.

{Meldrum, Henry John, B.A., B.Sc., Lecturer, The Teachers’ College, University Grounds, Newtown; p.r. 98 Sydney-road, Fairlight.

Mellor, David Paver, D.sc., F.A.C.1., Reader, Department of Chemistry, Uni- versity of Sydney; p.r. 137 Middle Harbour-road, Lindfield. (President, 1941-42.)

Micheli, Louis Ivan Allan, M.sc., Ph.D., Research Chemist, Jordan House, Jordan Terrace, Bowen Hills, Brisbane.

Millership, William, m.sc., Chief Chemist, Davis Gelatine (Aust.) Pty. Ltd., 15 Shaw-avenue, Earlwood.

Morrison, Frank Richard, A.A.C.1., F.c.S., Deputy Director, Museum of Tech- nology and Applied Science, Harris-street, Ultimo.

Morrissey, Matthew John, B.A., A.s.T.c., Auburn Street, Parramatta.

Mort, Francis George Arnot, A.A.c.1., Chemist, 110 Green’s-road, Fivedock.

Mosher, Kenneth George, B.Sc., Geologist, c.o. Joint Coal Board, 66 King-street, Sydney.

Moye, Daniel George, Geologist, 6 First-avenue, Snowy Mountains Hydro-

Electric Authority, Cooma, N.S.W. Mulholland, Charles St. John, B.sc., Geologist, Department of Mines, Sydney. Mulley, Joan W., Technical Officer, C.S.I.R.; p.r. 4 Billyard-avenue, Elizabeth Bay. t{Murphy, Robert Kenneth, Dr.iIng., Chem., A.S.T.C., M.I.Chem.E., F.A.C.I., Principal, Sydney Technical College, Sydney. Murray, Colonel Jack Keith, B.A., B.sc.agr., Administrator, Territory of Papua- New Guinea, Government House, Port Moresby.

Naylor, Betty Yvonne, B.Sc., 6 Niblick-avenue, Roseville.

Naylor, George Francis King, M.A., M.Sc., Dip.Ed., A.A.1.1.P., Lecturer in Philosophy and Psychology, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Qld.

Neuhaus, John William George, 190 Old Prospect-road, Wentworthville.

Newman, Ivor Vickery, M.Sc., Ph.D., F.R.M.S., F.L.S., Professor of Botany, The University of Ceylon, Colombo, Ceylon.

Elected. 1943

1935 1945

1938 1920 1947 1948 1940

1935 1947 1921

1920 1949 1948 1938 1935 1946 1943


1949 1896 1946 1921 1938 1945 1927 1918

1945 1893



1940 1919 1936 1947

Pel age


Nicol, Alexander Campbell, a.s.T.c., A.A.c.1., Chief Chemist, Crown Crystal Glass Co.; p.r. 200 Paine-street, Maroubra.

Nicol, Phyllis Mary, m.sc., Sub-Principal, The Women’s College, Newtown.

Noakes, Lyndon Charles, Geologist, c/o Mineral Resources Survey, Canberra, A: Cc®.

Noble, Norman Scott, D.sc.agr., M.Sc., D.I.c., c/o C.S.I.R., 314 Albert-street, East Melbourne, Vic.

P 4 |tNoble, Robert Jackson, M.sc., B.Sc.Agr., Ph.D., Under Secretary, Department of

P 25 P 4 Pill P 75 1 edge | P 2 Pol P’'3

6 iPe2 P 3

Agriculture, Box 364, G.P.O., Sydney; p.r. 324 Middle Harbour-road, Lindfield. (President, 1934.)

Nordon, Peter, A.S.T.C., A.A.C.1., Chemical Engineer, 39 Tahlee-street, Burwood.

Northcott, Jean, B.Sc. (Hons.), Chemistry Department, The University of Sydney; p.r. 38 Canberra-street, Lane Cove.

Nyholm, Ronald Sydney, m.sc., Chemistry Department, University College, Gower-street, London, W.C.1, England.

O’Connell, Rev. Daniel J. K., 8.J., M.Sc., D.Ph., F.R.A.S., Riverview College Observatory, Sydney. ;

Old, Adrian Noel, B.Sc.agr., Chemist, Department of Agriculture ; p.r. 4 Spring- field-avenue, Pott’s Point.

Osborne, George Davenport, D.Sc. Syd., Ph.p. Camb., Lecturer and Demonstrator in Geology in the University of Sydney. (President, 1944.)

Penfold, Arthur Ramon, F.A.c.1., F.c.s., Director, Museum of Technology and Applied Science, Harris-street, Ultimo. (President, 1931.)

Penrose, Ruth Elizabeth, B.sc., 92 Baringa-road, Northbridge.

Perry, Hubert Roy, B.sc., 74 Woodbine-street, Bowral.

Phillips, Marie Elizabeth, B.sc., Botany Department, University, Manchester, 13, England.

Philips, Orwell, 55 Darling Point-road, Edgecliff.

Pinwell, Norman, B.A. (Q’land), The Scots College, Bellevue Hill.

Plowman, Ronald Arthur, B.sc. Lond., A.S.T.C., A.A.c.I., Analytical Chemist, 21 Harris-street, Normanhurst.

Poate, Hugh Raymond Guy, M.B., ch.m. Syd., F.R.c.S. Hng., L.R.c.P. Lond., F.R.A.C.S., Surgeon, 225 Macquarie-street, Sydney; p.r. 38 Victoria-road, Bellevue Hill.

Poggendorff, Walter Hans George, B.Sc.Agr., Chief of the Division of Plant Industry, N.S.W. Department of Agriculture, Box 364, G.P.O., Sydney.

tPope, Roland James, B.A. Syd., M.D., Ch.M.,